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Bamboo or Organic Cotton for our Face Coverings Bandanas

Two ranges, two styles.

Bandanas Ecoresponsables PRIMITIF Montréal

Our bamboo cotton-based range

For sports or outdoor activities, our bamboo-based bandanas are recommended because they have good absorption capacities. Bamboo is also known for its hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties, so it prevents the development of microbes. Our bamboo-based bandanas are ultra-soft and respectful of sensitive skin.


Our range made from organic cotton

For an ecological and environmentally friendly product, our bandanas made from organic (organic) cotton are ideal. The cultivation and manufacture of organic cotton requires less water and a minimum of chemicals unlike traditional cotton. Organic cotton is known to be soft, natural and comfortable.

Our '' PRIMITIF '' labels on both ranges are also made with organic cotton.


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